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    Traffic Legion Review

    Hello and Welcome to my review of Traffic Legion by John Newman, Cynthia Benitez & Shehu Abdullahi. In this review, I’ll be showing you inside the members area, sales page & my exclusive bonuses. So let’s get into this review, and find out what Traffic Legion is all about! What is Traffic Legion all about? Traffic Legion is a course all about using both free & paid methods to promote your review video to more people. The free method is using Facebook Groups, while the paid method is using Google Ads to pay for views and essentially placing your review video above everyone else. There are 2 case study videos…

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    Divine Commissions Review

    Hello there and welcome to my review of Divine Commissions. In this review I’ll be showing you inside the members area, sales page, and my exclusive bonuses – so let’s get started! First off, let’s learn all about Divine Commissions and what it is all about. What is Divine Commissions all about? Divine Commissions is a Google Ads course by Jonas Lindgren. He will be teaching you how to setup a simple search campaign inside Google Ads, and how you can promote literally any product by sending traffic to your own review website. There is also a $30k case study video in the members area that show his costs involved…